Sebastian Barahona

Bass player and Music producer from Santiago de Chile.
Studied music at Escuela Moderna de Musica where he had the Chilean Jazz bass player and composer Pablo Lecaros as a bass professor from 2005 to 2010.

His education on popular styles, improvisation, and jazz harmony took him onboard the cruise ship industry where he was fortunate to work with a large number of international artists as a bass player from 2012 to 2018. After that experience, Sebastian decided to expand his skills into music composition and technology, so he travelled to Australia to study music production to then quickly become part of its vibrant music scene. 

He is currently based in Melbourne, composing, producing, performing, and collaborating for a range of artistic projects.
His unconventional approach to combining traditional instruments with music technology has allowed Sebastian to participate in innovative multidisciplinary projects as a music producer and performer in renowned venues.

As a bass player, Sebastian is actively performing in numerous music venues and festivals in Melbourne. He is part of the Latin jazz act Iaki Vallejos band as well as the Australian rock band StoneTip. 



Iaki Vallejo




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