1. Session bass player

Sebastián Barahona is a very versatile bassist , his studies in music and the international experience have given him an accurate and expressive technique on the bass. He supports live shows with exceptional work ethic making sure that everyone enjoys working with him. He always engages with the audience creating fun and memorable experiences. His extensive participation in shows using “click-tracks”, has taught him to perform precise yet tasteful bass lines on a variety of music genres. His knowledge of harmony and music theory can also serve as a source of advice for the producer, recording engineer, or artist in charge.
All the above makes Sebastian a strong candidate for a large variety of live music acts and recording sessions. 

Some other skills are:


  • Performance in the genres of jazz, funk, ambient, rock, latin-american, and "top 40" dance music.

  • Sight-reading sheet music.

  • Use of sound effects.

  • Improvisation



live performance

Sebastian performs in the following ways:


Musician for a live music event: The versatility and knowledge of the performer allows him to sight read sheet music, improvise and conduct in a variety of styles. He will support the live show with an exceptional work ethic, as well as making sure that everyone around him have a great time working with him. He always engages with the audience making them enjoy the music as much as possible.



Session artist for Recordings: Sebastian’s Academic music formation gave him a very accurate and expressive technique on the bass guitar. Plus, an extensive experience playing live shows with “click-tracks”, favor him to be able to perform very precise yet tasteful bass lines on a variety of music genres.  His knowledge on harmony, music theory and on bass, can serves as useful source of advice for the producer, recording engineer or artist that is conducting the recording session.


Bass player music producer

2.Natural Circuits:

This is Sebastian’s solo act and sound exploration project. Using the live looping technique which consist on the use of a pedal device that has the ability to record, reproduce and overdub sound in real time. The artist creates one by one the musical cycles and sound effects that he will lay top of each other in order to create complex orchestrations in front of the audience.The results are dreamy sound scapes full of nuances and unique sound combinations that invite the audience to reflection and relaxation.

Live looping
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