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1. Session Bass Player

Sebastián stands out as versatile bassist, combining extensive music studies with a wealth of international experience. This  blend has cultivated a precise and expressive technique on the bass.

His commitment to excellence is evident in his work ethic during live performances, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable collaboration for everyone involved. Sebastián possesses a dynamic stage presence, skilfully engaging with the audience and crafting memorable experiences at every show.

With a participation in a diverse range of performances, He has honed the ability to deliver precise yet tasteful bass lines across various music genres. His understanding of harmony and music theory serves not only as a foundation for his creativity but also as a inspiration for fellow musicians and collaborators

Professional skills :  

  • Performance in the genres of jazz, funk, ambient, rock, latin-american, and "top 40" dance music.

  • Sight-reading sheet music.

  • Use of sound effects.

  • Improvisation


Bass player music producer
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live performance

Sebastian performs in the following ways:


Musician for a live music event: The versatility and knowledge of the performer allows him to sight read sheet music, improvise and conduct in a variety of styles. He will support the live show with an exceptional work ethic, as well as making sure that everyone around him have a great time working with him. He always engages with the audience making them enjoy the music as much as possible.



Session artist for Recordings: Sebastian’s Academic music formation gave him a very accurate and expressive technique on the bass guitar. Plus, an extensive experience playing live shows with “click-tracks”, favor him to be able to perform very precise yet tasteful bass lines on a variety of music genres.  His knowledge on harmony, music theory and on bass, can serves as useful source of advice for the producer, recording engineer or artist that is conducting the recording session.


2.Natural Circuits:

 Sebastia's solo act and sound exploration project. Using a variety of effect pedals,  the live orchestration of multicolor sounds will take you for a musical voyage through soundscapes of polyrhythms and harmonies immersed in jazz, ambient, and world music. Every cycle shows the transformation of the energy and the vibrations that create new presences endlessly. The natural circuits are led by experiences and spontaneity,  they want you to enjoy your own cyclical movements by receiving soothing yet energetic melodies. 

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